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Armond Scavo


Armond is a native Philadelphian who grew up in a South Philadelphia Italian neighborhood. Over the years he has lived in various parts of the city; Center City, West Philadelphia, Germantown and Powellton Village. Being able to walk around Philadelphia through parks that William Penn designed; seeing private homes where the first leaders of our country lived; visiting buildings where the revolution was planned and the country founded with eyes opened wide with this awareness is of profound importance to Armond, and a deep source of artistic and personal inspiration.

"As I walk around this City of Brotherly Love I sense that I am in a European city with its small alleys and large boulevards that are lined with buildings that have Greek, Roman, French and English influences".

The photographs on Photographs of Philadelphia are part of an ongoing collection of images of those locales that are of historical interest, national importance, and of course the profound beauty of the birthplace of America.


 "I attended a class at Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia today with Armond Scavo.
It was a great experience; he mainly dealt with HDR techniques using bracketing shots, but he occasionally taught other aspects as well if we had questions or he thought there were things that could improve our shots. I edited all my photos from today and I must say I'm very satisfied. Thank you and Armond again for this great experience, and I hope to attend other classes of DPA again in the future."
--Student Solbi Choi.
"Thank you very much. I had a good time, and learned so much from you today. I feel more comfortable with my camera, and know that I still have more to learn."
--Student Randy Weikel


Hi Armond,
I really enjoyed your class - thanks for all your feedback.  I saw you run a few more classes on your site - hopefully I can join you again sometime.  
Thanks again,


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Bill Blanchard

- Bill Blanchard has decades of experience in commercial and fine art photography

- He employs various techniques such as multiple imagery, surreal infrared landscapes and HDR techniques to make his point.


"Thank you so much for teaching us today - I had a blast! I enjoy meeting photographers with Different points of view- you shared with me many good pointers. My husband thought that my pictures looked better! I can't wait to process them.  Thanks"
-- Student Zehra Travis

"Thank you for the class on Sunday.  It was a fun class. I love the pictures you took."
-- Student Maureen Butler

"Thanks a lot for the class. I really enjoyed it and nw I'm very inspired to read my manual. It was a great group and a really nice day."
-- Student Lynn
"Lauren and I both really enjoyed the time we spent with you.  We learned some really good things and thought you were really enjoyable to be with. Thank you for an enjoyable and educational 3 hours.  I will be in touch.  Again, thanks for a really good time."  
--Student Dave Rosenthal
"Wanted to send a big thanks for your insights and help this Sunday. That was my first time taking any sort of photo class, so it was great to do it with a fun group, and learn some great and useful tips. Again, thanks. Looking forward to taking more classes." 
 --Student Anthony Galasso

"Bill, thank you so much for your guidance and a great day of shooting. I really appreciate your generosity in staying after the scheduled end time. i got some of my best shots after 5pm. I would welcome your critique and look forward to seeing you on Sunday in Hoboken.
--Student Peter Turai
"Your class at Liberty Park yesterday was very enjoyable. I learned a lot from your explanation of main concepts regarding composition and camera setting. I was wondering if you could share some of the picture cards that you brought along and any other materials you may have that you think could help improve my understanding. They hit the spot for me! Thanks again!" 
--Student Cristina Coltro
"It was a pleasure to take your class.  Someday,  I wish to be as knowledgeable as you. I'm looking forward to another class that would require out in the field shooting.  I'll put my comments in the student thread and will absoulutely check your website work out as well.
Thanks for a great class."
--Student Kristine M.
"It was great meeting you this past Saturday, great class!"
--Student Peter Kostik
"It was a nice class yesterday and we took lots of good pictures"
--Student Lin-Hung
"Thanks so much for a educational and memorable experience.  It's definitely one for the books.  In the midst of all the excitement, I actually learned a lot about digital SLR photography as well so thank you for that. I posted a few of my photos on the Digital Photo Academy website (better late than never, right?), so feel free to take a look when you get a chance. Thanks again for a great class."
 -- Student Kim
 Thank you for a fantastic workshop in Princeton yesterday! I learned a lot and had a huge amount of fun. It was a good group of people and certainly a photogenic setting. The tips on leading lines were great, as were the tips on framing. I have started to go back over the pictures I took and was reminded that I got a couple of images that were, in effect, double-framed. I had a window behind a window, which wound up looking pretty cool.
I may post a couple to the DPA web site.
 I'm looking forward to taking more of these workshops and learning still more. Oh, and I already ordered a set of the close-up filters and can't wait to play with them. Good stuff.
 Hope to see you at a future workshop!"
 -- Sean Blinn
"Hi Bill,
 Thank you SO much for your time and expertise during our Photoshop class on Saturday!  I really appreciated your fantastic suggestions, and I learned some incredible new tricks that will be very useful as I revise my curriculum.
 I’ll be in touch!"
 -- Eliot
"I enjoyed you workshop greatly, and appreciate all your tour and helpful tips.  I have attached a number of photos that I took during the workshop.  If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know."
-- Charles
"Thank you again for an amazing class. Thanks to you I picked up my hobby again. I've been taking pictures like every day and reading all kinds of books. Truly grateful."
-- Leticia Medina 
"Thanks again.  I really did enjoy the class and learned a great deal."
Michael Nader
 Thanks for a great workshop, Bill.  We gleaned a lot of information and are more readily able to refer to our manuals and know what they are talking about! 
 Carey and Graham
 Thanks Bill. It was a great class and I look forward to taking composition in the field at a later date.
The workshop was terrific. Bill, thanks for a great workshop. You did a great job! 
Dennis McCarthy
Great day! I actually turned the camera to "M" and shot for several hours!
  The training was a really good one, got to know more about the basics of photography.
-- Gobinath
I enjoyed the Composition class on Sunday 1/27 and fund it very useful. Bill Blanchard was a very good instructor.
Thank you for leading the class on Saturday. I enjoyed it despite the frigid temps.
Thank you for forwarding your pictures and the commentary.  
New things learned!
John Mintz
Hi Bill,
 Thanks again for a great class on Sunday.  I enjoyed it and found it very helpful.  I put a few of my pictures together so feel free to take a look.  I surprised myself by even getting a reasonable 'blur' photo so I added a couple of these in. 
 All the best,
Thank you very much, Bill; really appreciated your low-key, practical, and de-mystifying approach.
 Bob B
 I wanted to let you know that my wife, Ariela, and I very much enjoyed your workshop this past Saturday.  Thank you for an enjoyable, informative afternoon.  
 Best regards,
 this was my first time shooting manual...
 I learned few things... and it was fun...
 I understand better now why my husband takes 5min just to take 1 picture. 
-- Judite
Class was good and Bill really knows his stuff.
-- Vera
Hey Bill! Thanks for a great class on Saturday. It was great! I'm so glad that I still have 2 more groupons left to use!
-- Jess
Thank you Bill for a great afternoon in spite of the weather.  It was very informative and a good day.  I appreciate your help.
-- Art
Thank you for a great class.  It was really nice to meet you and to get some great tips and ideas from you.  I definitely enjoyed the day.   
 Thanks again and hopefully I will see you at another class. 
 -- Allison 
 Thanks, Bill, for the quite enjoyable class. Sorry I had to run off at the very end - but I did enjoy the walk and trying to figure out how to view things in a different way.
 I love the dramatic black and white treatment of the statue on your picture!
 I am sending you over a few of my favorites. I'm still learning post production and want to learn how to manipulate lightroom a lot better than I do - that's more of a factor of time than anything else.
 I look forward to attending your class in Hoboken next month.
 Thank you Bill! I enjoyed the class and you covered what I need to know, and then some. Starting to practice. Once I get the basics down I will be ready to learn more.
 Hi Bill!
 Thanks again for the great class yesterday.
 Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday.
 One is the upward perspective shot of the tree. A second is one of the bike baskets, from the perspective of sitting in a seat. And the third was a final result of slow shutter speed on tail lights as we ended last night.
Thanks again,

Hi Bill,
 It was a great session with a lot of information that I know we’ll be able to leverage in the future.  I thought the hands-on advice and training you had provided while we were doing our shots was extremely valuable for me.  Thank you for a wonderful session.
 Maria Rozario
Hi Bill,
 Thank you for a very enjoyable and productive class. You helped us understand concepts that would had taken us months to figure out on our own and  shared tips we might  have never known.  Your pictures are wonderful.
 Hope to see you in another class in the near future,
 Agnes and Fredy Irizarry
Dear Bill,
I really enjoyed today's class and am attaching some of my shots, some of which I have edited with the Aviary app for iPad. Although I was not able to practice most of the features you discussed, I really enjoyed learning about leading lines and framing and playing with the ISO and White balance! 
I will definitely take more classes in the future and will likely purchase a better camera!! Do you have any suggestions for beginner models I should look into? 
Thanks again.

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What The Students Are Saying


I really enjoyed the class this past Sunday in New Hope. I appreciated the reminders that photography requires practice at getting better. 
I posted the pictures I felt were good on my picasa page. If you have the time I appreciate any feedback you have. 
Thanks again,
Ryan Kehoe


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Hinda Schuman

- Specializes in photojournalism, and documentary photo essays

- Staff photographer at the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1988-2007, and traveled to Haiti, Israel, India, the   Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Western Europe, North Viet Nam and Morocco

- On-going personal project with co-photographer Linda Johnson documents the state of Pennsylvania county by county,

- Taught photography at Stockton State College, Drexel University, in Philadelphia area art centers and private workshops



We had a great time at your Digital Photo Academy class in Philadelphia on Saturday and wanted to let you know that the pace, style of instruction and the location was perfect for us.  We enjoyed the beginning discussion of composition and the references to different perspectives while we walked the streets and the Ben Franklin bridge.  Thoroughly enjoyed the end of the class in the coffee shop showing you our photos.

This was Colin's first time talking a photo class and he really enjoyed it.

Thanks again,"

-- Glen & Colin

Thank you so much for the class.  I really appreciated it and it was really great meeting everyone.  I threw a few of my favorites into a Flickr stream if anyone is interested.  Thanks again.  I hope everyone had a great time.


Dave Bock

I really love the school and to have exposure to local well-known established photographers who are supportive to their craft and students -- no matter what experience level -- is a wonderful opportunity! 


I just wish I had more time to take all these classes.


Thanks, Kellie

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What The Students Are Saying

DPA student Bruce Wallace describes his experience in Hinda Schuman's class in Philadelphia.

-Bruce Wallace

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Jay Cummings

- Specializes in studio photography for artists, arts institutions, and collectors

- Photography and sculptures exhibited nationally, including galleries and museums in Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, St. Louis, and Baltimore

- Teaches at the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia

-  Graduate of The University of Montana, received an MFA from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


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What The Students Are Saying

Thanks Jay, I have been getting out there and taking more pictures! I am becoming more confident thanks to the way you explained the camera features, you are an excellent instructor!

-Christie Vazquez

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Linda Johnson

Just wanted to say Thank u again for the informative day. It was interesting to share thoughts with you and the group that was gathered. I do hope as I go on to my second career That the facts that where learned last Sunday will be put to good use. Hope that I can met with you again in the future.
-- Pat Guziewicz
Thanks Linda! It was a pleasure working with you as well.
I am looking to engage and further my passion about photography, by assisting with wedding photography especially. Let me know if you hear of anyone offering such opportunities.

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Norm Riker

Frank Veronsky has been an editorial and commercial photographer in New York City for over 20 years. He specializes in people, portraits, fashion, photo illustration and personal work...

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Owen Biddle

Owen Biddle, born and educated outside of Philadelphia, grew up in a household where color, art and design were intrinsically important.  Both his mother and grandmother were painters.  In this stimulating environment, he spent hours on his imaginative projects - transistor radios, a magic lantern, a puppet theater, etc.  Science and new inventions fueled his creativity.  After college, Owen volunteered at Hedgerow Theater designing and building sets and working in light and sound.
As a young man he worked in the audio-visual department at Elwyn Institute, taking pictures of students' lives.  It was here that he discovered what would become his lifelong passion for photography.  Since 1983 he has been a  photography instructor at a number of locations including Mainline Center for the Arts, Mainline School Night and Owen Biddle Photo School.  
In his own art Owen often chooses to run counter to photography's strongest suit:  representing things as the are.  Instead he follows light and color on their way to abstraction, aiming for transmutation instead of documentation.

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Phil Kramer


-Phil Kramer's images have appeared in numerous Fashion, Lifestyle and Bridal magazines such as Time, Life, Town & Country, Elle, Fusion, Philadelphia Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Grace Ormonde, Brides, Modern Bride, The Knot, Elegant Bride, Wedding Pages, My Wedding and Philadelphia Weddings.  

-His work has been featured in The Best of Wedding Photography (Amherst Media) featuring the top six photographers in the country. It is Phil's image that graces the cover. Most recently, the editors of The Knot turned to Phil for the cover shot of their latest hardcover book The Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World (Doubleday Broadway Publishing). 


"I really enjoyed the class this past Sunday with Phil Kramer.  I learned so much about my camera."

-- Student T. Drummond


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Rick Gerrity

Rick Gerrity has been a professional photographer based in the NY/NJ metro area for over twenty-five years.

"I attended the Intro to digital photo class held on Sunday in New York City. The class was great and Informative. Rick, the main Instructor was great and really helped me learn how to use certain features on my camera. I like that the class dedicated an hour for hands on experience. Additionally your  team was very personable and knowledgeable.   I think the intro class is great for anyone who is looking to learn about digital cameras.  I am looking forward to taking the intermediate class soon."

 -- Student Anda

 "Rick made the best of the rain and showed us how to take pictures in what I would have thought would be bad lighting for us to shoot in."

 --Student Tim Schue

"I went to the waterfront in Hoboken, NJ on the night of September 24th. The weather was threatening all day and it was drizzly when we started, but it cleared up quickly and we had decent if not ideal weather, until it started pouring just as we were finishing up. I was using a new camera and hadn't quite figured everything out yet. Nevertheless, I got a few good pointers and about a dozen shots I'm really proud of. I would do it again."

-- John


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What The Students Are Saying

Dear all:

It was good meeting you all and we picked a really nice day.   I enjoyed the conversations as well as the good walking experience.

As per Rick's instruction I am attaching some of the images from that day.  We are currently uploading them to the server therefore please wait till 3:00 pm before you start to download the link.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures as well.

Wellington Chen

-Wellington Chen

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Rick Wright

- Specializes in fine art photography and darkroom and digital manipulation

- Photography widely exhibited, including the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Perkins Art Center, MT Burton Gallery, Silicon Gallery, Camera Club of New York, Pace Digital Gallery, Scarfone/Hartley Gallery, Museum of Modern Art MOMA, Johnson & Johnson Corp. Gallery, ArtLink, Catoe & Bambu, Photo Expo New York, Limner Gallery, Abington Art Center

- Represented by Quality Pictures Gallery in Portland, Oregon, which will showcase Wright's work in the city's upcoming annual art fair and included in group show summer 2008

- Awards include Perkins Art Center Juror’s Prize, The Print Center’s Digital Mural Project, digitalFOTO Magazine Contest, PDN Digital Contest Gallery

- Teaching two summer classes throughout July at Rio Grande University. The classes are titled "Photographer as Sculptor" and "Photographer as Architect", and writes professional photo tips using his own photography on


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What The Students Are Saying

DPA Studet, Sally Barron, shares on her experience with Rick Wright, during his Advanced workshop in Philadephia's Italian Market.


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Sophia Mariano

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