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Richard Rabinowitz

Richard Rabinowitz, The Idea Man: Digital Photo Academy

More than 25 years of experience in special promotion and marketing for major clients such as Adobe, Canon, Dodge, eBay, Ford, Fujifilm, Kodak, Microsoft, Nikon, SanDisk, Seagram’s, Sony, and dozens more prominent manufacturers. Most recently, Rabinowitz was the VP / Group Publisher of noted photography publications Popular Photography and American Photo.  In that capacity for 15 years, Rabinowitz established and produced a number of new programs including the American Photo MentorSeries (8 years running), the Popular Photography Photo Trek series (8 years running), the Digital Days classroom and how-to DVD series (2 years running), American Photo OnCampus College Quarterly (9 years running), the Popular Photography award-winning Freeze-Frame Travel Channel series, and the American Photo Magazine Safari Shoot, an ESPN 26-part Saturday morning series.  While maintaining these programs, Richard also wrote and produced television commercials, designed and executed integrated marketing strategies that were comprised of product launches, live events around the world, retail tie-in promotions, and various programs featuring noted professional photographers and other prominent luminaries.  Says Rabinowitz, “The programs were great challenges and great fun, and never would have come off without the help of talented teammates and visionary clients as partners.” 

Rabinowitz’s experience also lies in web development and video production.  The American Photo and Popular Photography travel websites now feature thousands and thousands of images shot by dozens of the world’s most accomplished photographers and hundreds of students who have attended over 75 workshops, which have taken place throughout the country and across the ocean.  These travel photography websites began over a beer in Marrakech between Rabinowitz and photo enthusiast Tom Niccum, which occurred in 1999 on the second trip of the now long-standing photo travel series.  Shortly thereafter, Tom returned to his hometown in Minnesota, while Richard headed back to New York City, where he currently lives and they began speaking on the phone and emailing several times a week to build a website together.  A number of years later, the sites were purchased by the publishers of Popular Photography and American Photo.  With the inspiration and collective efforts of the PMDA board members (including representatives from Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, SanDisk, Sony, and Tamron), Rabinowitz spearheaded another website, the widely-recognized non-profit educational site TakeGreatPictures.com.  Established in 2000, the site’s aim is to inspire photo enthusiasts around the country and has been featured in People, LIFE, TIME, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, US Weekly, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, CNN, NPR, and hundreds of local and national broadcast and print media throughout the country.



 crop   Emma McDonald, Student Liaison

A graduate of East Carolina University, Emma received her BFA in photography. She then went on to work for photojournalist Michael von Graffenried in Europe. After leaving to persue her own goals, she began teaching photography courses with the Light Factory in Charlotte, North Carolina. Emma now works as a freelance photographer with a focus in narrative portaiture and editorial photography in New York City as well as teaching classes for DPA.



    Melissa Itzkowitz, Intern

Melissa is a student at Barnard College of Columbia University '13 majoring in anthropology.  She is an aspiring photojournalist who currently specializes in travel photography and is very excited about taking steps towards a career in photojournalism.


Blake_Headshot  Blake Farber, Videographer



Ken_Profile_Pic.jpg  Ken Fleischer, Webinar Master:

Ken Fleischer is the Founder and Managing Partner of dM works, a creative services company that develops and produces high impact videos, motion graphics, and dynamic content for marketing, advertising, and entertainment campaigns.  dM works has completed work for some of the largest companies in the world, including Panasonic, Discovery Networks, Sony, LG, and Oracle/Hyperion.  Mr. Fleischer and his team have produced everything from tradeshow and road show presentations, to HD broadcast and web videos, testimonials and product demonstrations, PR and press event presentations, digital signage, training applications, interactive web applications, micro sites, and more.
Mr. Fleischer had previously worked as a producer and professional videographer on productions ranging from industrials and interactives, to concerts and stormchase documentaries.  Mr. Fleischer has a background in aerospace, mechanical engineering and programming; and attended universities in America, England and Russia, receiving a B.S. in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering from New York Institute of Technology.


Bill Indursky

Bill Indursky, Director of Web/Interactive

In 1992, Bill Indursky founded FLASHcap Interactive, Inc., an award winning, New York City based marketing and interactive firm.  With offices in both the USA and Russia, the talented multi-national teams that make up FLASHcap provide internet marketing, internet programming and development, interface design, site architecture, database design and architecture, advanced programming, flash interactive development, permission marketing, branding and business needs analysis.

FLASHcap has produced interactive projects on behalf of clients such as SONY, Popular Photography & Imaging Magazine, Adobe, American PHOTO Magazine, Tamron, ColorVision, DataColor, Epson, Canon, Sound & Vision Magazine, Ford Motor Company, Kodak, SanDisk, The Photoimaging Information Council, and The Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association.

Bill and the dedicated team of FLASHcap have recently become a R2Rainmaker business partners and will produce interactive projects on behalf of their clients.


David Najarro

David Najarro, Graphic Designer

David Najarro is a ten-year veteran in the graphic design world.  Working with clients such as American PHOTO, Billboard, BiZBash, ELLE Girl, Popular Photography Magazines, Peacesing Records and PC Magazine; David has used his natural and varied design abilities to further his clients' interests visually within the scope of their brands, products and services, and his imagination. David's expertise includes magazine layout, logo and company branding, website graphics, CD / DVD content, and package design. Some of the major manufacturers that David has worked with are Epson, Ford Motor Company, Fujifilm, Kodak, Nikon, and Sony.  David has also provided layouts for many international tourism boards, among them are Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Croatia, Egypt, Kentucky, Michigan, Morocco, New Orleans, Peru, and many more.




   Jennifer Olsen, Consultant Extraordinaire

Jennifer Olsen is the Instructor Liaison for Digital Photo Academy. When she is not working on projects with Digital Photo Academy, Jennifer works as a freelance photographer. Jennifer's passion is shooting for NGOs, and pursuing a career in documentary photography. Prior to Digital Photo Academy, Jennifer worked as Communications Coordinator for Steve McCurry. Before that was traveling throughout Europe and schooling at SUNY New Paltz where she received a degree in Photography and Sociology.


titus 2Titus, DPA Mascot

Our fearless defender, Titus is a noble breed.  Ring our doorbell and you will hear his bark!

Please contact us for more information about the DPA Mascots.

Olive, DPA Mascot  Known to squeeze himself into small spaces, Olive brings new meaning to the word fiesty!


Frank Lovece, DPA Biographer

Frank, the founding editor of the Popular Photography website, is the author of five books about television and film, and another on missing and exploited children. A weekly columnist for the New York newspaper Newsday and a film critic for Film Journal International, he has contributed to such magazines and newspapers as Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, the Los Angeles Times, Penthouse, Women's Day and Sound & Vision, and writes regularly about photography for TakeGreatPictures.com.
His other endeavors include writing for Marvel Comics, on such characters as Ghost Rider, Blade and Doctor Strange, and for Dark Horse and Harris Comics. He wrote and co-created the graphic-novel miniseries Atomic Age for Marvel's prestige imprint Epic Comics, and worked with author Clive Barker on Marvel's Barker-created imprint, Razorline, writing the series Wraitheart and Hokum & Hex. Frank's story "For My Son," in Marvel's original anthology series Hellraiser, appears in the book Clive Barker's Hellraiser: Collected Best, Volume 1 (ISBN 0-9710249-2-8), though with the last page inexplicably missing.
In 1996, Frank became one of the Web's first professional journalists, as an editor at TheGist.com, a TV-listings site that at one point earned more monthly page-views than TVGuide.com. From 2001 to 2004, he was senior editor of NBC/Universal's Sci Fi Channel site, SciFi.com.


Mark Lapin, DPA Biographer

Mark is a writer with a deep and abiding interest in photography and digital imaging.  He is working on his third novel, and two long-term projects involving words and imagery.  He has lost count of the number of articles he’s written about photojournalists, fine art, documentary, advertising and corporate photographers for magazines and websites that include Photo District News, Demystifying Digital, Photo Industry Reporter and TakeGreatPictures.com.  Technique and technology interest him but his focus has always been on creative personalities and the creative process, the influence of early experiences on later careers and the ability of creative people to reinvent themselves at key crossroads in their lives.

He started writing profiles of instructors at the Digital Photo Academy as an assignment and soon found it to be a learning experience and a source of inspiration.  The twenty-plus photographers he’s interviewed so far come from all over the map in terms of background and professional experience, but are truly unanimous in their love of photography, their belief that they made the right choice in taking a risk to follow their hearts and their conviction that digital opens a wide new world of creative possibilities. 

Even in the digital era, photography remains an oddly personal craft and profession that is passed along through contact with masters.  Many instructors have had the eye-popping, wow! moment when a talented teacher opened their eyes to the wonders of photography, and they’re looking to pass that experience along in their workshops at the Digital Photo Academy.  If you go to one in San Francisco, where I’ve left my heart and probably too many of my brain cells, you might meet me among the students.


Panasonic Sponsors Digital Photo Academy to Enrich Digital Imaging Lifestyle:

Nationwide digital photo workshops help digital camera owners of all levels

Introducing the Digital Photo Academy, by Panasonic-LUMIX Digital Cameras, a photo workshop series available in 20 major metropolitan areas across the country which helps digital camera owners at all skill levels learn how to better use their cameras and optimize their digital photography experiences.

The workshops are offered once a month for each of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our DPA instructors are accomplished professional photographers who teach seminar workshops available to 15 students per skill level, in the following 20 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa and Washington, D.C.

February 2008: DPA Attends the United Nations International Photographic Council Awards Luncheon

UN Luncheon 1


UN Luncheon 2
Photographs © Brandon Remler 2008

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The team hard at work!                                   Happy Holidays from DPA!


DPA headmaster Richard Rabinowitz meets DPA Boston Instructors for the first time and celebrates with a wonderful meal at Jasper White's Summershack Seafood Restaurant in Cambridge, MA. Shot with the DMC-TZ3 camera...set to stun...  no... actually it was on manual, normal program mode and set to a focal length of 4.6 mm with an assigned an ISO of 200 and balanced to tungsten. Some work was done on the file in photoshop...making a mask and blurring the background for example.