Boston Public Gardens

 Saturday February 16th, 2013

From 10AM to 1PM

with DPA Instructor Frank Siteman



Both photogenic premieres of their respective community property categories, Boston Common is the first public park in the USA, (1634), and two centuries later, situated adjacent to the Common, the Boston Public Garden, (1837), became our country's first botanical garden. Both public attractions are part of Boston's Emerald Necklace, a collection of connected parks, each offering its own charm to its visitors.

Initially, Boston Common, offering cross town pathways, was a communal cow pasture, also used for military exercises and public hangings and occasional riots and protests. Protests have continued, with 100,000 individuals once appearing in objection to the Vietnam War. In the modern era the urban park has evolved to host a variety of public events, (such as Martin Luther King and Pope John Paul II public speeches and a Judy Garland concert for 100,000 fans). The scenic Frog Pond is the site of frolicking youngsters when weather permits or ice-skating during the colder months. Then there are the fountains and Civil War monuments and one of Boston's oldest graveyards where casualties from Battle of Bunker Hill and a variety of prominent historical figures lay at rest. The Freedom Trail also begins in the Boston Commons.

The Boston Public Garden, with its Victorian Heritage, is more of a meant for meandering with colorful flowers and fauna and includes the charming Swan Boats which have been running for 100 years, thanks to the Piaget family who continue to operate the resource that offer floating views of monuments, fountains and of course the waterscapes of the Pond.

Every kind of photography is available during this shoot, and your Digital Photo Academy instructors have done it and taught it for a number of years. Participate in discussions and demonstrations of the use of depth-of-field and complimentary colors to create an interesting composition of one of the monuments, with bright flowers in the foreground. Make a study of the details of your surroundings or get a broader vista from or of one of the Swan Boats. 

Perhaps your day can focus on environmental portraits such as the ball players and exercisers and vendors you are likely to encounter. Don't forget the vintage architecture that peppers the locale.


Class will meet under the statue of George Washington on his horse at the Arlington Street entrance to the public garden.

To join Frank on this informative and enjoyable shoot, simply contact the DPA Booking Agent toll free at 1 877 372 2231 or to register on line, go to and click on Boston. From there scroll down and the directions to enroll are clearly explained.

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