Harvard Square

with DPA Instructor Frank Siteman



Cambridge, originally referred to as Newtowne, was established in 1630 on the north side of the Charles River, on a gentle slope just beyond the marshes. Its orderly grid of streets was organized in 1631, and the original layout is still used today as are a number of the buildings and retaining walls that date back to the 18th century. 
In 1636, a field just north of the town was cleared for the establishment of Harvard Square, where the famed Ivy League center of learning began but until the middle of the 19th century, Harvard Square was known as "Market-place," and then "The Village."

Whatever its moniker, this bustling community remains ripe with environmental portrait opportunities, architectural splendor, charming urban detail and even an array of riverside scenes.

Learn the technique of panning on the Charles, as the crew team passes by, develop your sense of depth-of-field with the archways on Harvard Campus as your subject matter or make a compelling portrait of one of the many street performers you are likely to encounter. And throughout, you will have steeples, columns, old-world street lamps, bridges and pathways to accessorize a variety of vistas on land and water. For these shoots, your instructor will provide insight on the use of leading lines and powerful perspectives to tell your story.
We will meet by the Red Line T stop in the center of Harvard Square, across from the small news building.  Please bring your DSLR or another type of digital camera that you use, a fully-charged battery, and the equipment that you can carry.  You should dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.
To join Kathy on this informative and enjoyable shoot, simply contact the DPA Booking Agent toll free at 1 877 372 2231 or to register on line, go to DigitalPhotoAcademy.com and click on Boston. From there scroll down and the directions to enroll are clearly explained.

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