Composition in the Field: 

Scuplture Garden

With DPA Instructor Bill Cady




Back in 1933 it was a large brick National Guard building in front of the formal gardens, but the building itself was torn down, leaving the gardens, which for 35 years or so had become a open field. Then in 1988 the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board collaborated to create the 7 acres of the Sculpture Garden with 40 permanent pieces. In the early 90's another 4 acres were added, and there are 40 permanent pieces peppered throughout the setting.


Indoors, a respite from the cold during winter season, many a photographer can be seen capturing the fluid lines of organic sculptures against the hypnotic patterns of glass and metal framing as well as the repetitive squares of the brick flooring, leading lines or offerings of a contrasting background to the plant life and artwork. 


Outside, DPA Instructor Richard Sennott, will help decipher the many photographic interpretations of grids, gates and vertical lines with the pathways and outer structures, perfect to drop in a passerby for an environmental portrait.


In other areas as one approaches the building, keep an eye out for the people as they encounter abstract representations of all sorts. Spacial relations, facial expressions and proportions allow photographs that lead the eye of the viewer.


Then of course, there are the imposing larger than life sculptures everywhere one points the lens. Perfect your Depth-of-Field work against backdrops of greenery, blue sky and man made structures.


Whether with the whites of winter or the other colors throughout the year, there is always a slightly bizarre scene to be photographed in and around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. 


To join on this informative and enjoyable shoot, simply contact the DPA Booking Agent toll free at 1 877 372 2231 or to register on line, go to and click on Minneapolis. From there scroll down and the directions to enroll are clearly explained.

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