Composition in the Field: Como Conservatory


With DPA Instructor Bill Cady



Como Conservatory always has events and plenty to see. But this class will specifically focus on the art of macro-photography. Macro-photo is the practice of closing in on simple details of a subject. As you can see from the images below, this often entails the photographer putting their lens centimeters from the subject. The resulting photos will present shapes and patterns that would not be apparent if the photographer took a landscape shot of the same area. Be prepared to get close, stand still and use manual focus. Below DPA Instructor Anthony Schreck has included some tips as a preview to the class. 


Tip #1: Use the sun to side light or back light to make the vegetation seem to glow.


Tip #2: Use a low angle to to make the most of reflective surfaces such as water.



Tip #3: Zoom in. Use your lens in telephoto to shorten depth of field and to compress distant objects.


Tip #4: Use a wide aperture (f/3.5 here) to isolate the object you want primary emphasis on



Tip #5: Set your exposure to make the water go a deep black to make the flowers pop.


Tip #6: Use fill flash to make the flower stand out even when the sun is out-use the sun as fill


Tip # 7 Use a reflector. Here I used a gold reflector to bounce light from my on camera flash in bounce mode, aiming the reflector to light inside the flower.

Below are a few awesome images taken by DPA instructor Bill Cady during a class he held at Como Park Conservatory.

The above image includes the greenhouse that provides adecuate space for indoor photography of flora as well as the outdoor.


To join this informative and enjoyable shoot, simply contact the DPA Booking Agent toll free at 1 877 372 2231 or to register on line, go to and click on Minneapolis. From there scroll down and the directions to enroll are clearly explained.

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