Saint James Cathedral 

Date: Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

 Time: 3pm to 6pm 

DPA Instructor Robert Shimer




Founded in 1834, the Saint James Cathedral is the oldest Episcopal congregation in Chicago.  It was named after the fisherman James who left his trade behind to become one of Jesus's disciples.  Since its construction, the Cathedral has been a staple of community and prayer in and around Chicago.  Join your Digital Photo Academy instructor to find out why!


You will photograph light streaming through beautiful stained glass windows, shadows enveloping delicate statues, and touring steeples.  Shoot the long wooden pews and the decadent stone architecture against the Chicago cityscape.



You will learn a variety of tricks and techniques as you photograph in the field beside a professional photographer.  Ask questions and gain advice on manual settings, camera and lens choices, and different methods and styles of shooting.  Adjust your aperture to highlight your subject while blurring your background, and change your shutter speed to blur or freeze motion.  Find new angles to shoot from and try the rule of thirds to place your subject in different spots around your frame.


We will meet right inside of the Saint James Cathedral located at 65 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611.  Please bring your DSLR or another type of digital camera that you use, a fully-charged battery, and the equipment that you can carry.  You should dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.


To join your DPA instructor on this informative and enjoyable shoot, simply contact the DPA Booking Agent toll free at 1 877 372 2231 or to register on line, go to and click on Chicago. From there scroll down and the directions to enroll are clearly explained.


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