Composition in the Field: The Waterfront

Saturday March 23rd, 2013


With DPA Instructor Sanja Bojovic

The skyline casting its reflection on the surface of Lake Ontario, the sun setting, the lights glimmering -- the Toronto Waterfront is an ideal location for one of our Composition in the Field classes.

As the sun sets, you will learn how to use the remaining light to get the best images. If you have a tripod, it will certainly come in handy for long exposures, but you will learn other ways to keep your camera steady.

Many photographers like to experiment with camera angle, in order to create an image with a different perspective on a common subject. Your viewers may have seen these buildings thousands of times, but the goal is to make them actually look at them, rather than just see them.

Many compositional principles will be taught throughout the class. One of these is leading lines, which is a strategy that guides viewers' eyes across the photo. First, they go to the setting sun, then they move along the rays of sunlight which stretch across the image, until they run into skyscrapers. Leading lines give the image purpose and direction, adding structure to art.

Water is possibly the most interesting substance to photograph. Here, the image is made more complex through the mirror-like reflection on the lake. The water is so calm, the image is hardly distorted -- stretched just enough to make it strange. The rougher the water, the more altered the reflection.

This area is not all urban cityscapes, though that would provide more than enough material for an entire class. There are also numerous parks, which provide ample opportunity for nature photography.

There is also a large variety of people enjoying the beautiful sunsets, parks, and water, like the one above. Your instructor will teach you how best to approach a passer-by for a portrait. 


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